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Three major issues hindering the healthy development of the whole automatic screw machine

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Three major issues hindering the healthy development of the whole automatic screw machine

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    Fully automatic screw machine industry as China has become the world's factory to flourish, especially in recent years, the rise of many new fully automatic screw machine manufacturers. This promotes the automatic locking screw machine industry, but also brought many worries. Among them, the three major issues behind the hidden serious obstacles to the development of the whole automatic screw machine industry.

    One, automatic screw machine manufacturers lack of core technology

    Most automatic locking screw machine manufacturers type belongs to small workshops, small scale, weak R & D new technology, will not be able to master the automatic locking screw machine core technology, using the OEM, the imitation of the business development. As is known to all, core technology is key to sustainable development of an enterprise, an industry, not mastered the core technology that automatic screw machine quality can not be guaranteed, just a flower shelf, it will be customers to lose confidence in the industry, thus affecting the development of the industry as a whole.

   Two, automatic screw machine manufacturers after-sales service is not in place

   Price war is bound to lead to a sharp reduction in the profit margins of the automatic screw machine manufacturers, also can not establish a perfect after sales service system, can not guarantee the quality of products. This is also part of the customer and the German school when the issue of communication, a manufacturer of machinery and equipment in a few days there is a problem, slow service response speed, and even without the sale of a hammer trading service.

   Three, automatic screw machine industry between malicious competition

   According to incomplete statistics, the country has 1000 automatic screw machine screw manufacturers, behind the huge number is the majority of enterprises have several features in common, such as small scale, low level of technology, poor after-sales service, organization structure incomplete and so on. The essence of enterprise profit to these manufacturers completely backward sales, low price to increase sales, to gain the profits. Need to understand is that low price means low quality, because of low quality and high quality can not guarantee manufacturers profit space. Price war approach will not be able to protect the interests of customers, but also undermine the development of an industry.

   To date, the above three issues are the most influential in the development of the industry's healthy development of the automatic screw machine, but also wish you choose to good quality, good after-sales service fully automatic screw machine manufacturers.

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