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Hot melt melting machine

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Hot melt melting machine

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Double shaft dispenser

Standard configuration:

1. Hand-held teaching box, easy to understand, easy to operate, using 320*240 high-resolution color screen;

2. Graphic elements such as drawing points, straight lines, polylines, three-dimensional arcs (space arcs), circles, runways, rectangles, coatings, automatic rounded irregular three-dimensional splines, etc.; common graphics (circles, ellipse, rectangles) Etc.) Direct input of parameter calls without teaching;

3. It can realize any three-dimensional motion track and support CAD import mode;

4. Use Japanese stepper motor plus belt to ensure high speed and consistency of movement;

5. With automatic execution, automatic reset, product setting, processing time timer and other functions;

6. Each action command has independent glue opening delay, glue closing delay, gun height, independent pre-closing function, flexible batch modification function can improve editing efficiency and solve the glue problem.

 product features:

1. Instead of manual specific dispensing operations, automated dispensing;

2. Reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency;

3. High-speed precision of dispensing, reducing the occurrence of defects and improving production quality;

4. Simple operation and reduced staff training costs;

5. It can support automatic robot handling and realize unmanned operation;

6. Movable, can quickly set up the line Low cost, high cost performance Safe and reliable operation is simple, can support equipment interconnection;

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