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Three-axis automatic soldering machine

Three-axis automatic soldering machine


Three-axis automatic soldering machine

Standard configuration:

1. Hand-held teaching box, easy to understand, easy to operate, using 320*240 high-resolution color screen;

2. Constant temperature controller;

3. Tin control system;

4. Tip cleaning system;

5. Support workpiece detection and workpiece startup mode;

product features:

1. With spot welding and drag welding, the tin supply speed can be automatically adjusted according to the working speed;

2. Each instruction has independent functions such as tinning time, tinning time, lifting height, flexible batch modification, etc., which can quickly improve editing efficiency;

3. Single machine operation, convenient installation, simple operation, high-speed positioning, one person can manage several machines at the same time, saving labor;

4. Suitable for welding operations on integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, color LCD panels, electronic components, optical lenses, automotive parts, etc.

5. This product has automatic cleaning of the iron head function;

6. Reduce the labor intensity and increase production efficiency;

7. High-speed precision, reducing the occurrence of defects and improving production quality;

8. Simple operation and reduced staff training costs;"

9. It can support automatic robot handling and realize unmanned operation;

10. Movable, can quickly set up the line Low cost, high cost performance Safe and reliable operation is simple, can support equipment interconnection

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