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Fully automatic screw machine to improve the level of automation and improve production efficiency

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Fully automatic screw machine to improve the level of automation and improve production efficiency

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    Automatic screw machine screw sets of equipment equipment has become at present at home and abroad by the attention of the high-tech field, is refers to the automatic screw machine as the core, based on information technology and network technology as a medium, all devices connected together to form large automatic screw screw machine production line. It is development of advanced manufacturing technology to achieve an important means of production line of digital, networked and intelligent.

    Automatic screw machine electric screwdriver set quite light, don't worry because head is too heavy and increase worker fatigue, it can be operated alone, can also be configured to pipeline, material form rapidly improve screws lock mass, greatly improve the production efficiency.

   Can be equipped with your company to the original electric group and the wind, do not need to be additionally purchased a new electrical group, number of wind, torque adjustment with your company the original regulation in much the same way, save the purchasing cost, hand-held lock screw machine is used for electronic industry automatic assembly line, such as phone, hard disk, keyboard and computer DVD electronic fan electronics, plastics, toys, electrical appliances, electric appliances and communication equipment electronic toys processing factory assembly.

    After typing each one of the screws, send feeding mechanism will automatically be sent to the group of mouth screw, automatic screw machine eliminates the need for hand grasping screws, mobile, alignment of the action, as long as directly aligned with the screw hole, gently by screw locks the, not to repeat the phenomenon of material and lock a grain to grain, convenient and quick.

    Before lifting capacity rely mainly on increasing production line, increase the labor force, now more and more of the household electrical appliance enterprises through technical transformation improve equipment level, through the automatic screw machine improve the degree of automation to improve production efficiency, labor productivity growth rate if than the growth rate of wages can reduce unit labor costs in the enterprise. Household electrical appliance enterprises are trying to improve production efficiency, in fact, is the need for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing automation. Product upgrades to the production put forward higher requirements and then bring the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing automation. Automation program can solve the labor intensity, special environment, quality requirements, the level of skilled work to improve the demand.

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