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How to choose the right automatic machine to play it?

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How to choose the right automatic machine to play it?

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     Since twenty-first Century, many companies have begun to refer to high technology to complete the production process in various fields, including automation equipment in recent years is particularly wide, in different industries have its highlights. Including automatic dispensing machine, automatic screw machine, automatic sealing machine and so on.....

    Because hand-held automatic screw machine, this product is not perfect, to research and development in recent years the automatic screw machine, automatic screw machine available, to all the traditional industry has had an impact, high price, and other advantages of quick work efficiency, quickly replaced the hand-held lock screw machine market dominant position.

    Here to give you a brief introduction to the use of automatic machine, at the beginning of the automatic screw machine has just introduced the market, is a semi-automatic hand-held automatic lock screw machine. The function of the screw is provided with the automatic feeding of the screw, the screw is not used, and the hand is liberated, and the operation is flexible. At the same time it also has a lot of, through the recent years of observation, using semi automatic screw machine has a lot of disadvantages, which have the following: 1. Alignment screw hole by artificial, easy to cause the locking deviation, slip phenomenon, it is recommended and cover fixture. 2 screw is locked close to the artificial judgment, the quality is subject to the influence of human factors. 3 the degree of artificial proficiency is different, the use of different effects, different products or different location of its use effect is also different.

     But there are still companies choose hand-held lock screw machine to complete the lock to pay, in the recommendations to you buy a lock screw machine do not blindly follow the trend, according to their own products to choose suitable automatic screw machine, so as to achieve cost-effective, time-saving and labor-saving. Comparison of the use of different types of automatic locking screw machine.

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