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Automatic screw machine has been widely used in the assembly line

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Automatic screw machine has been widely used in the assembly line

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     From the global industrial development point of view, at present, the automotive industry and electronics and other industrial applications of the most widely used. Automatic screw machine has become a very important equipment, the production of all parts of the industrial robot needs to be involved. In the factory assembly line, they always kept installed parts, will be one screw lock products, robot, is a capital and technology to replace the manual process, with the labor shortage has become increasingly evident, enterprise dependent on artificial will gradually reduce, high intelligence, high-tech robots will more and more appear on the production line.

    As Dongguan automatic screw machine factory production design, automatic screw manufacturers do everything possible to meet the user's demand, at present our part of the model has been able to achieve universal, the versatility is refers to the products need to lock the screw hole of the same before they can use, I can according to product screw hole location and distance to adjust itself to product fixed fixture can also achieve self debugging. If the product screw is not regular, or the use of a variety of types of screw machine to achieve production bar. Specific use of what kind of lock screw machine, according to the requirements of product output requirements and product type to set.

    China's manufacturing industry is in a peak, need to lock the screw products also emerge in endlessly, now parts tend to fine, traditional manual lock screw is not suitable, for China's huge market. Nowadays, we have developed the a new multi shaft type automatic locking screw machine, which is in Dongguan area belongs to the first, is no, the machine is suitable for mass production, high precision, small parts of products installation, because the shaft position and quantity are fixed, an operator only needs to products according to the start button to easily lock screw, screw machine more stable performance and higher efficiency.

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