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Full automatic lock screw machine popularization will promote the transformation of Chinas manufacturing industry

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Full automatic lock screw machine popularization will promote the transformation of Chinas manufacturing industry

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     Fully automatic lock screw machine popularization will promote the transformation of China's manufacturing industry, foreign countries have a large number of industrial automation production line, to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, while avoiding a large number of accidents. The popularization of industrial intelligent automation is an effective means to realize automatic production, improve social production efficiency and promote the development of enterprises and social productive forces. Industrial intelligent automation production line equipment has become the mainstream of automation equipment, the popularity of domestic intelligent automation is also a matter of time.

     An American expert said: "when we combine artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and digital manufacturing technology, there will be a revolution in manufacturing. It makes American entrepreneurs in the local plant started to produce a wide variety of products. So, how can China compete with us? America is destined to regain leadership in manufacturing, and soon it will be China's turn to worry."

     Automatic locking screw machine from automation to intelligent action, although intelligent automation today has not developed to the degree of very smart, but simple machine, the machine assistant workers has gradually penetrated the industrial field, people rely more and more advanced science and technology to production and life. With the rapid economic development and growth, intelligent manufacturing plant will be to all industry bring transformation and impact, will also lead the global manufacturing industry development pattern of progress and innovation, for the transformation of China's manufacturing industry is the inevitable choice.

     The level of development of China's intelligent automation industry is relatively backward, and there is a considerable gap between intelligent software matching, information fusion and other aspects of the international leading level. But with the market demand oriented and the industry's attention, it is bound to promote the development of intelligent automation industry. The most intuitive should be shown on the price. At present, the control of intelligent automation large-scale entry into production should be the cost of the problem. Artificial cost and intelligent automation price game, the advantage is not obvious, but intelligent automation is more and more widely used and mass production will lead to lower prices, that time will be automated production a burst phase.

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